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Teams worried about Foster’s shoulder

Thursday night’s first round of the NFL Draft was certainly interesting. There were a lot of trades and surprises and “what are they doing??” moments. I’m looking at you, Chicago Bears.

One of the “kinda sorta, but not really” surprises involved Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster. He’s probably one of the best players in the entire draft, but he fell to the San Francisco 49ers at No. 31 for a variety of reasons. He has a bunch of issues including a failed drug test and getting sent home from the combine for fighting with a hospital worker, but his slide may have had more to do with the bad shoulder.

Tom Pelissero of USA Today write that many teams didn’t think that he’d be able to stay on the field for very long.

At least one team’s medical staff felt Foster needs another surgery to fix the torn rotator cuff in one of his shoulders or else he’ll be playing through pain. An executive for another team said the shoulder issue is “problematic, and the way he plays, how long can he hold up?”

Of course, there is still the off-the-field problems. Did anyone notice that the nice way of saying “this guys is a colossal asshole” is now “troubled childhood.” NFL Network continually referred to Foster’s troubled childhood as a way of saying he’s a dickhead. I don’t doubt that he came from a bad family, but I just think it’s interesting that they’ve changed their wording.

We’ll see what happens with Foster, he could be an elite, dominating player, or flame out as a total bust.

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