Off the Record (OTR)

Foster failed a drug test

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster is an elite talent. But, there might not be much else about him that’s elite.

This entire pre-draft process is clearly wearing him out, and maybe the pain is mostly self-induced.

“Hectic, stressful, very stressful,” Foster told after about 20 team visits. “It’s like the devil is coming after me.”

The devil? Or your own behavior, Reuben? There are already questions about his surgically repaired shoulder (not his fault, obviously), as well as concerns about some of his childhood friends (probably not his fault). Then, you throw in the fact that he was dismissed from the NFL Combine following a fight with a hospital worker and eyebrows start to raise.

But, now there is another doozy: Foster failed a combine drug test for a diluted sample. Still, that counts as a failed test. That’s a serious red flag because you know that this is the day you’ve been waiting for as a potential first-round draft pick in the NFL. Your urine should be so pristine that the Trumps serve it at Mar-a-lago as water with your dinner.

It only takes one team to take a chance on you, but he’s making some really poor decisions. One has to wonder how much of a headache he’ll be at the next level and if you’re willing to spend a first-round pick on him.

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