Off the Record (OTR)

A fourth rounder gets Richardson?

The New York Jets would love to move on from Sheldon Richardson. He’s in a contract year, has had off-field problems, been suspended for substance abuse and has generally not been considered a great teammate.

That’s probably why he’s so tough to trade.

Teams know what a headache he is and they aren’t going to part with a high pick to get him. If someone was willing to do it, they’d have done it already; the Jets have been trying to move him for a year now.

So, will they trade him now before the NFL Draft? What will he fetch? According to the New York Post, a fourth-round pick is “about as much” as the Jets can expect to receive in return.

Ouch. All of his problems coupled with the rumors that he wants a $100 million extension means I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole. Maybe the Patriots give you a sixth.

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