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Lynch getting traded to the Raiders?

The Seattle Seahawks seeming to be in wheeling and dealing mode. There is already much talk about them moving Richard Sherman. It’s been reported that Sherman wants out and that the Seahawks want two picks in return for him.

But, they might also be moving another guy who helped them win a Super Bowl. Retired running back Marshawn Lynch has indicated that he’d like to return to football, but only to return to the Oakland Raiders. Well, he’s under contract with the Seahawks, so if he un-retired, he’d still be in Seattle.

Unless they trade him. And that’s what Ian Rapoport says is in the works.

“Sources: The #Seahawks & #Raiders are expected to work out a trade for Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. It’s contingent on a reworked contract 1st,” Rapoport tweets.

Marshawn is 31-years old and didn’t play football last year. The latter many are saying as a negative. I say, for a guy that runs like him, that year off could be huge. Rest is probably exactly what his body needed.

Don’t look now, but the Raiders could be getting really good.

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