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Seahawks looking for two picks for Sherman?

The Seattle Seahawks are clearly trying to move cornerback Richard Sherman for whatever reason. But, the also clearly aren’t planning on moving him for peanuts, just to get rid of him. I guess that could change, but I don’t see how they are a better team without him.

Not long ago, Ian Rapoport was asked what it would take for the Hawks to part ways with him.

Potentially a first-round pick,” Rapoport explained. “Potentially a very good player on a low contract and a pick as well.”

Mike Garafolo essentially repeated that on Good Morning Football Tuesday morning.

“We’re talking Darrelle Revis Jets-to-Buccaneers type of deal,” Garafolo added. “That’s what’s going to get this thing done.”

The Revis deal in 2013 saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers send a first-round pick and another conditional pick the New York Jets. I’m just not sure who will do that for a cornerback nearing the age of 30 who is paid well. He would have to be the final piece to that team’s puzzle.

So, in that context, the Philadelphia Eagles rumors better not be true. Acquiring pricey cornerbacks hasn’t worked out since 2008 when they signed Asante Samuel.

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