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Fournette going first overall?

Well, this would be an absolute stunner and I can say that I don’t believe there is a chance in hell that this happens. Jason La Canfora is a very well respected NFL writer and I do believe that NFL people have told him these things, I just don’t believe a word of it.

La Canfora is told that Leonard Fournette is shooting up draft boards as the NFL Draft approaches, and I absolutely believe that. The guy is an absolute beast that played too often against defenses that stacked the run because LSU couldn’t pass worth a damn.

What I don’t believe is there is a chance that the Cleveland Browns take him with the first-overall pick. That ain’t happening…then again, it’s the Browns.

La Canfora writes:

If something shocking happens in to the top five picks of the 2017 NFL Draft, it very well might involve running back Leonard Fournette. I hear the big back out of LSU is increasingly being viewed as a best-of-breed player in this draft and a true blue chipper and he is being considered at the highest reaches of the first round.

Frankly, it would take a promise of a reincarnation of some kind of Walter Peyton/Earl Campbell hybrid beast back for me to invest that high of a draft pick in a running back in this day and age. But the more football people I speak to as scouts and executives emerge from their all-day draft meetings is that Fournette could surprise with how high he goes.

Some have suggested to me that Fournette is even in play at No. 1 with the Browns. Yes, you read that correctly. I don’t see that happening, and in the end, I suspect the Browns take pass rusher Myles Garrett. But then again, the Browns are capable of some extreme curveballs in that front office and their version of analytics tends to swing outside of convention. Maybe someone believes the de-valuation of running backs has gone too far.

You never know what’s going to happen on draft day, but it would stun just about everyone if the Browns didn’t take Myles Garrett with the top pick.

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