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Sherman wants out?

Count me amongst the people that was quite surprised by all of the Seattle Seahawks trade talks involving Richard Sherman. I just figured the Seahawks were just doing what all smart teams do and keeping their ears open. Russell Wilson isn’t available on the trade block, but if the Green Bay Packers offered five first-round picks and Aaron Rodgers, he’d be gone tomorrow.

But, it sounds like the Seahawks are actively shopping Sherman, and it might not be of their own volition. According to Adam Schefter, who could probably tell you general manager John Schneider’s dump schedule, he’s been hearing that Sherman is the one forcing the issue.

“It has been my understanding all along that Richard Sherman was the one who initiated this. He was the one that wanted to be traded initially. The Seahawks were obliging him and his request,” Schefter says.

That would explain the Seahawks candidness about his availability. It wasn’t a week ago that Schneider basically said, “yuuuuuup” when asked if the team was looking to move him.

There are various reports out there about what the Seahawks are looking to get in return. I’ve heard they are looking for a high pick and a good player on a low contract (aren’t we all??). It’s not exactly what is known about compensation, but what is known is that Sherman is 29-years old and due $24 million in the next two seasons. The Seahawks ain’t getting a high pick and a good player on a cheap contract for him. Not happening. Maybe they’ll get a somewhat high pick and a decent player who is a malcontent or a colossal headache.

I’m not saying that Sherman can’t still play at a high level. But, I would have to be knocking on that Super Bowl door and in need of a high-end corner…like right now. So, that narrows you down to teams like the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have virtually no history of making moves like this.

Then we get to the question of why Sherman wants out. Careful what you wish for. Playing with Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor is a bit different than…just about any other secondary in the NFL. Maybe Sherman didn’t like Pete Carroll getting after him a few times last year, or maybe he wants a new contract and the Seahawks told him to kick rocks.

Regardless, the Seahawks seem fine to accommodate his request. I don’t see a deal getting done, but if it doesn’t, this is probably Sherman’s last year in Seattle.

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