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Peter King can be so stupid

I have to say I don’t think I have logged on to since Drew Magary stopped doing his “Fun with Peter King” column, where he went through Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback Column with a fine-toothed comb and absolutely ripped King to shreds. Drew is probably the funniest sportswriter around and I miss waiting for his weekly KSK Peter King destruction.

It’s actually been so long since I checked out KSK that I didn’t realize that it doesn’t exist anymore.

But, I do miss Magary’s Peter King takedowns (others at KSK did the same column, but it was never the same as when Drew did it) on a weekly basis. And it’s for reasons like what I read today from the prominent football writer. In discussing Tony Romo’s move from the gridiron to the television booth, he had to go there in terms of the odds that Romo regrets his decision and returns to football.

• I still think the door is 3 percent open to a return to football. He misses it. He will miss it in August. Interesting that he said Tuesday on a CBS conference call it was 99 percent he would not return. “I don’t envision coming [back to football],” Romo said, “but I’ve also seen enough things from ‘I’m not going to Alabama’ to ‘I’m not returning to football.’ Do I envision coming back to football? I do not. You never say never.”

This is why I can’t stand Peter King. A three percent change he returns to football? Why not a four percent chance? Peter, I think there is a six percent chance he comes back to the NFL and plays again.

This is the same stupid crap he writes all too often. “I think there is a 40 percent chance the Broncos beat the Patriots this week. But, that’s a legit 40 percent.” Yes, I’ve seen him write that! It’s absolutely ridiculous and just one of many reasons I’ve stopped reading his columns.

Knock it off, Peter.

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