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Peterson leaves Pats without a deal

I mentioned yesterday that the New England Patriots were hosting former All-World running back Adrian Peterson. Since parting ways with the Minnesota Vikings, Peterson has really not garnered much free agent interest.

Well, the rest of the NFL can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Peterson left his visit Monday without a contract and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be joining them any time soon.

According to Tom Curran, there was never any legitimate interest by the Pats. Bob Kraft was doing it to throw his agent Ben Dogra a bone.

He says that Kraft would never sign Peterson. Kraft was apparently disgusted by Peterson’s child abuse case and wouldn’t serious consider adding him to the team. Kraft has reportedly also order Joe Mixon to be removed from their draft board.

Character apparently counts to the Patriots. When you have five Super Bowls, you can be a little bit picky about who you let in the building.

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