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Oh great, AP visiting Patriots

I’m not sure what long-time Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has left in the tank. He’s been slowed in recent years by injuries, a terrible offensive line, no downfield threats to keep the safeties honest, and of course, beating the snot out of his children.

So far, his free agent market has been soft. I don’t think it’s that teams think he’s toast, it’s most likely that he’s pricing himself too high.

Well, if he truly wants a ring, he’s taking the right first step on Monday. According to Adam Schefter, he’s meeting with the New England Patriots.

“Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will be taking his first free-agent visit Monday with the New England Patriots, per sources,” Schefter tweets.

Great. The best team in the NFL might be adding a guy who not long ago was the best back in football. And we all know how the Patriots get the most out of their guys.

Will be interesting to see what happens here.

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