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Teams concerned about Kap’s diet?

Man, there are a lot of rumors floating out there regarding former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, huh? He’s still a free agent because teams don’t want to deal with the distraction of him sitting down for the National Anthem. He’s a free agent because he wants the chance to start.

Now? He’s a free agent because of his vegan diet.

According to Matt Maiocco (who is as plugged into the 49ers as anyone), teams are concerned about Kap’s committment to football and what kind of food he’s putting in his mouth.

“At season’s end, Colin Kaepernick stated he was fully committed to football. But some teams are unconvinced and wonder about his vegan diet,” Maiocco tweets.

Those are actually two good reasons to hold off on signing him when you package that with with the potential distraction of his political activism. He has every right to protest in the manner that he sees fit, and I’m fully supportive of him in that. But, he surely knew that there was a potential backlash from it, especially when you’re just not that good.

Maybe a good part of the reason he’s not that good anymore is that he’s frail from a vegan diet and doesn’t really want to commit to football. Would explain a lot.

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