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Packers decide against Peterson

One would think that NFL teams would be jumping at the chance to sign an all-world talent like free agent running back Adrian Peterson. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and it seems like Peterson wants too much money.

That’s exactly what Jeremy Fowler is hearing and he notes that the Vikings division rival (aka they know him as well as anyone) Green Bay Packers said ‘thanks, but no thanks” to the thought of bringing him in.

“Said on @SportsCenter two NFL sources believe Adrian Peterson is still free agent b/c initial price too high. GB mulled visit but passed,” Fowler tweets.

My gut says that A.P. thinks his a $10+ million per year player still. It seems that the NFL thinks otherwise.

At this point, he’s better off just waiting it out. Coming up you have the NFL Draft and then camp injuries. He’ll be in a much better bargaining position as the season nears. Plus, at 32-years old, some rest would do him some good (yes, even with the year off).

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