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Chase Daniel making the rounds

The Philadelphia Eagles made a terrible mistake in signing Chase Daniel to a three-year contract last offseason worth about $7 million annually. They have since corrected that mistake by releasing, but they still have a cap hit to absorb.

Luckely, if Daniel signs with another team, they can recoup that cap space based on how much that team pays him. So, the Eagles should at least be happy that he’s making visits. He recently met up with the New Orleans Saints, and according to Adam Schefter, he’s going to hang out with the New York Jets on Monday.

“Former Eagles QB Chase Daniel will visit Jets today, per source,” Schefter tweets.

Hopefully, the Jets aren’t considering him as a starter. We know the Saints aren’t because of Drew Brees, but the Jets are so awful at that position, one couldn’t rule out the possibility that he’d be their opening day starter.

Poor Jets fans.

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