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Seahawks would trade Sherman?

This one caught me by surprise, but I guess if you look at it logically, it’s not all that crazy. The Seattle Seahawks are still in “win now” mode, so getting rid of talented veterans doesn’t make a ton of sense.

But, according to Mike Lombardi, the Seahawks are open to the idea of moving stud cornerback Richard Sherman.

“Per @mlombardiNFL “I hear Seattle really would be open to moving Richard Sherman if the offer was serious,” tweets Mike Loyko from some Patriots website.

Of course they wouldn’t move him just to move him. But, he’s 29-years old, due more than $22 million over the next two seasons, battled through an ankle injury last season, and even clashed with coaches last year at times.

If they could get a king’s ransom, I’m sure they’d do it. But, it’s highly unlikely as I can’t see a team giving up what the Seahawks would want. Would they get a first rounder from a team like Dallas (maybe), Green Bay (they don’t typically part with draft picks, but Aaron isn’t getting younger), New England (they don’t have one), or New Orleans (they’ve got two)?

I guess they could, but they probably want more than a one. Just guessing.

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