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Giants now favorites in NFC East

The New York Giants already have a pretty good football team. They were in the playoffs last year and their defense got pretty damn good. Maybe they’d have gone farther if they could run the ball a lick.

But, according to a report, the G-Men have found another way to improve, and it probably makes them the best team in the entire division. According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, the Giants have reached an agreement with former New York Jets second-round pick Geno Smith.

“Source confirms Geno Smith and Giants have reached a deal. He will have a physical this weekend and then sign,” Costello tweets.

It’s a great move for Geno, who now signs with a new team and doesn’t have to move. Also, he’ll get paid to never have to do anything. Backing up a Manning brother is one of the best jobs in the entire country. Ryan Nassib held that job for years and he stinks at football. But, when you never have to prove it, no one would ever know.

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