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Vikings sign Murray

The Minnesota Vikings are staying busy. Yesterday, they inked breakout wide receiver Adam Thielen to a multi-year deal. A smart move considering their wide receivers are kind of garbage outside of him and Stefon Diggs.

But, they still have to fill the void left by Adrian Peterson. While he hasn’t officially left town yet, the writing is all over the wall.

And maybe they’ve filled that void to a certain degree. Today, they have signed former Oakland Raiders RB Latavius Murray to a three-year deal worth $15 million.

As is almost always the case, it’s really a one-year contract that they can easily get out of if they want.

Latavius will be given every opportunity to be the lead back, although Jerrick McKinnon will still play a role. He might struggle like a lot of Vikings backs considering his offensive line is putrid. He doesn’t make a lot of people miss, so he might get stuffed a lot next year.

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