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Seahawks want Lacy in 240s and a pony

The Seattle Seahawks have been scrambling a bit at the running back position since Marshawn Lynch retired. Guys like Christine Michael and Thomas Rawls have been plugged in with varying degrees of success.

So, they recently signed Eddie Lacy to a one-year contract in the hopes that he’ll solve some problems. He could, he’s had some excellent moments in the NFL, but he’s also hurt and fat a lot.

And the Seahawks are aware of the fat part. Sheil Kapadia tweets that the Hawks would like Lacy in the 240s.

“Carroll said 235 is not reasonable. Lacy’s target weight will be in 240s. Emphasizes that Lacy has future $$ at stake with 1-year deal,” Kapadia tweets.

Reports are that he’s currently in the 260s…that’s too fat. And 20 lbs. isn’t all that easy to lose if you’re not fully committed. He’s been overweight for a while now and one could wonder if that contributes to his injury history (ankles can only carry so much).

We’ll see if Lacy makes weight, if not they could cut the cord in training camp

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