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Locker room fight sealed Osweiler’s fate

So, one would think that the Houston Texans wanted to get rid of overpaid quarterback Brock Osweiler simply because he was awful at football. That’s a big part of it, for sure.

However, a source tells PFT that the final straw was Week 17 during halftime of a game against the Titans:

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Savage became very upset, knocking things around in the locker room and otherwise making a ruckus about having his status jeopardized by a doctor’s decision to keep him from playing. At or about the same time, coach Bill O’Brien informed Osweiler that he’d be finishing the game.

Osweiler, per the source, reacted negatively, telling O’Brien in the visiting coach’s office at Nissan Stadium in Nashville that he’s only playing Osweiler because O’Brien needs him. [Editor’s note: That’s sort of how football depth charts work.] An argument ensued, voices were raised. At one point, it’s believed that Osweiler got up to walk away and O’Brien threw out an arm to stop him. That prompted Osweiler to act as if he were being “held hostage,” a claim that he would repeat (per the source) in the days after the game.

Yeah, when you’re playing terribly, it’s tough to bitch at the coach.

For what it’s worth, O’Brien is over it and moving on.

“I think [General Manager] Rick Smith’s statement said it all,” O’Brien said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “We wish Brock the best, but we’re moving on.”

So is Brock! There! We just don’t know where yet.

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