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RGIII running out of chances

The Cleveland Browns have been busy on the quarterback front. They just acquired Brock Osweiler from the Houston Texans and a second-round pick in exchange for …

So, that leaves them with Osweiler, Cody Kessler and Robert Griffin III as quarterbacks on their roster. They are trying to trade Osweiler (good luck!), Kessler could get a chance to start if all else fails and RGIII is…not there anymore.

The Browns have decided to release RGIII to avoid paying him his $750,000 roster bonus and also get him the hell off of their roster. They will save $6.984 million in cap space, which they don’t even need. Before trading for Osweiler they had $102 million in cap space.

They probably had to trade for Osweiler just to reach the cap floor!

But, yeah, back to RGIII. He is hurt all the time and isn’t very good when he does play. I can’t imagine an NFL team going into a season with him as a starter at this point. He’s probably still good enough to warrant a roster spot somewhere, but his time is running out.

Remember when he was good that one year?

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