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Report: Cowboys to release Romo

There has obviously been a ton of speculation about the future of Tony Romo with the Dallas Cowboys dating back to early in the season when it started to become clear that Dak Prescott was good at football.

So, obviously, the thought was about where they could trade him and what they could get for him. And now it’s obvious that no one wants to play ball, thinking that Romo will be cut and they can just bid on him without giving up anything.

And, according to Adam Schefter, that’s what’s about to happen.

“Cowboys are releasing Tony Romo on Thursday, sources tell @toddarcher and me. Let the Romo recruiting in Houston and Denver begin,” Schefter tweets.

So yeah, now it will be a bidding war most likely between the Broncos and the Texans. But, never rule out other teams that need quarterbacks too like the Browns or the Niners. Hell, maybe Tom Coughlin is already sick of Blake Bortles in Jacksonville.

Romo will be designated a post-June 1 cut so that his cap hit will be spread over two years.

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