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Who will the Browns pick first?

The NFL Draft is always a great time of the year. Some teams get better, some waste their picks, but it’s always exciting. And it’s always fun to follow all of the mock drafts out there. I’m not sure exactly what the football odds would be on who the Cleveland Browns are taking first overall, but it’s a tough guess this year.

Usually, there is a clear cut number one pick, but this year not so much.

Sure, many consider Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett to be the best player in the draft, but if you’re the Browns can you afford not to take a quarterback? The reason they pick so high every year is because they don’t have anyone remotely competent to play the position.

Would they really take a pass rusher? Sure, they are important, but the Houston Texans have had J.J. Watt for years and still had the first pick in 2014. The Texans are a prime example that you can’t get very far without a quarterback, even if you have elite players on defense.

The Browns could always trade down and acquire more picks. They’d probably still get a crack at Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kaiser or DeShaun Watson. But, if I’m then and I like one of those guys, don’t mess around. Just draft him with the top pick and try to move forward.

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