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Who is winning the NCAA tourney this year?

If you’re like me, you don’t really follow NCAA men’s hoops until this time of year. It’s probably why I always do something stupid and big a Big East team to go really far. Maybe if I followed closer all year I’d be better at filling out a bracket. Maybe it would help if I actually looked at some odds first! And you can actually find NCAA college basketball odds at Skybook. I actually found it pretty helpful.

So who is going to win? Villanova was great all year and could be a threat to repeat. Duke is a favorite as always, but they tend to find a way to throw a stinker in there in the early rounds and bust brackets all over the nation.

When you look at the favorites, it’s the usual round of suspects. Kentucky is of course in the mix there, as is Kansas. What’s new? You could probably say that for any year.

The Oregon Ducks are going to be in the conversation this year, but I’m not buying it. I say that the NCAA gods won’t smile upon them simply because of that obnoxious court that they play on.

And of course, you can never under estimate UNC, who is good every. Single. Year. Who else are you looking at? Will Louisville have another player with a gruesome injury? Can Virginia find some offense? Is Xavier ready for the prime time?

Who do you like to do it all this year?

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