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Eagles would trade Daniel and Matthews?

On the surface, this doesn’t make a ton of sense. The wide receiving core of the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the worst in football. It might be the worst.

So, the idea that they might trade their tallest midget is a little tough to believe. But, that’s what Charles Robinson of Yahoo is hearing right now.

“If someone makes a solid offer to #Eagles for backup QB Chase Daniel, I believe they’re open to dealing him. Same for WR Jordan Matthews,” Robinson tweets.

I would totally agree with the Chase Daniel part. $7 million a year is much to high for a backup quarterback who doesn’t appear to be all that good. However, quarterbacks are tough to come by and, who knows, maybe someone makes them an offer.

Matthews is due for an extension and maybe the Eagles don’t want to give it to him. At first glance, it wouldn’t make any sense to trade your only somewhat competent receiver, but maybe they are looking for a complete overhaul and don’t think he’s worth a long-term deal. It’s entirely possible. He only had three touchdowns last season and averaged a paltry 11-yards per catch. Throw in all the drops and poor plays along sidelines and it’s understandable why they might be open to moving him.

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