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Three-way trade with Romo and Cousins?

It’s no secret that the Washington Redskins like Kirk Cousins, but that they don’t like-him like-him. They franchise-tag-like him, but don’t long-term-deal like him.

However, it’s rumored that the San Francisco 49ers and new head coach Kyle Shanahan like-him like-him and they’d be interested in his services.

But, if the Redsksins traded him, they wouldn’t have a quarterback and many experts think that’s a problem. But, who has a good quarterback laying around? Oh, look! The Dallas Cowboys have one literally laying around. As in, on the ground, writhing in pain.

Ian Rapoport tweets that there could be a blockbuster deal in the works involving all three teams.

“Play a potential and unprecedented three-way deal forward… #49ers inquire about Cousins. #Redskins talk about Tony Romo. #Cowboys get picks,” Rapoport tweets.

Moves like this rarely happen in the NFL, but when it comes to getting your quarterback, teams will do what they have to do.

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