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Saints dealing Cooks to the Titans?

The New Orleans Saints seem like they are going to deal 2014 first-round pick Brandin Cooks. I’m not exactly sure why, but he did complain about his role in the offense at one point last year, so maybe they feel like he’s a malcontent.

Or, they know they have Willie Snead and Michael Thomas and understand that their defense blows and it needs rebuilding. Cooks would certainly be an excellent trade chip as he’s young, explosive and proven.

Chris Mortensen says that the Tennessee Titans are currently the frontrunners to land Cooks’ services. They own the No. 5-overall pick and the No. 18-overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft and wide receiver is a big need for them. Mort thinks that there could be a deal for Cooks that involves that lower first rounder.

Adam Schefter chimed in that the Saints are indeed trying to build up the defensive side of the ball.

“The Saints look like they are intent on rebuilding their defense,” Schefter said.

The Philadelphia Eagles were also mentioned in potential trade talks for Cooks, so we’ll see what happens. The Eagles are also desperate for help at wide receiver; I think their receivers are worse than the Titans.

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