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Tag for Berry and Poe to FA?

The Kansas City Chiefs have hit on a lot of first-round picks in the recent future, going all the way back to Derrick Johnson in 2005. That’s all well and good until it’s time to keep them signed. And right now, they have a predicament.

All Pro safety Eric Berry is scheduled to hit the open market, as is defensive tackle Dontari Poe. Well, there is only so much money and only so many franchise tags (one) to go around.

Ed Werder says that he fully expects the Chiefs to tag Berry and let Poe find what’s out there in the marketplace.

“Current expectation is that unless they sign one of them next 48 hours, #Chiefs will franchise tag Eric Berry and let Dontari Poe be UFA,” Werder tweets.

If this is true, Berry won’t be happy. He’s already said that he’ll sit out the 2017 season if he has to play under the tag for the second year in a row. I highly doubt that will happen, especially since he’ll make a ton for one year under the tag.

The tag isn’t long-term security, but neither is a “long-term” deal. Those are usually good for about two years.

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