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Dalvin Cook an off-field problem?

It’s tough to keep track of all the different media outlets these days and all the writers who write for this one and talk on television for this one and who moved to another one and doesn’t work there anymore. It can be confusing.

That’s why I tend to avoid Monday Morning Quarterback column things on I always thought it was just Peter King and his obnoxious opinions and writing style. Well, apparently it’s been extended and people like Albert Breer are now writing for it.

So, anyway, he is saying today that he thinks there would be a chance that Florida State’s Dalvin Cook could be the first running back taken over LSU’s Leonard Fournette, but that Cook’s off-the-field issues could be a problem.

They really haven’t been as well documented as, say, Joe Mixon’s have. Cook was suspended in 2015 for punching a woman outside of a Tallahassee bar. Imagine if that had been caught on video? What would we be saying about Cook and this upcoming NFL Draft then? He’d be staying home from the NFL Combine that’s for sure.

In 2014, he was fined $550 for leaving three pitbull puppies chained by their necks in an unsheltered area. Some might say, “well they are just dogs,” but this is really cold behavior. That’s pretty disturbing.

With the level of scrutiny on these players as they head towards the NFL Draft, these issues are surely to be magnified. What’s odd, is they could be magnified in the media by teams that want him. They’ll put these sourced reports out so he’ll drop to them.

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