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Darrelle has been beating people

If Darrelle Revis would like to stay employed with the New York Jets, he’s not doing a great job of showing it. Not only did he play like total garbage last season, now he’s going out and getting arrested.

Over the weekend in Pittsburgh, Revis got involved in a little scuffle where he’s accused of knocking two men unconscious.

“Darrelle Revis was charged with four first-degree criminal felonies and one misdemeanor (terroristic threats):,” tweets Daniel Wallach, who is some kind of sports law guy.

Most legal experts agree that it’s better to avoid getting felonies. Here’s the thing: if Revis is fined or suspended for his conduct by the NFL, the Jets can void the rest of his contract.

So, in that sense, these felonies are music to the Jets’ ears. He’s owed $13 million next season and he’s not worth half of that. They were probably going to cut him anyway and salvage what they could of his cap space, but now they might be able to get out of his contract free and clear.

We’ll see if the district attorney moves forward with charges, but the initial reports don’t sound all that awesome for Revis.

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