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I honestly feel badly for Joseph Randle

Remember that time when Joseph Randle was a starting NFL running back for the Dallas Cowboys? That was back in September of 2015. Since then? Eeesh.

Randle has gotten arrested so many times that he finally found himself in jail in Kansas since June of last year. And it hasn’t stopped there. He’s already facing four additional charges and now you can make it five. Randle was in court on Wednesday on charges of assaulting an inmate. Sadly, he seemed confused as to why he was even there. District Judge Jeff Goering tried to explain it to him.

“The state is charging me for running from somebody?” Randle asked after Goering announced the charges and that the case carried a $7,500 bond.

“The state is charging you with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct,” Goering said.

“For getting punched in the face,” Randle said, his voice trailing off.

“I don’t know what the facts of the case are, sir,” Goering replied. “I’m just here to tell you what you’re being charged with, what your court date is and what your bond is.”

Later, Randle told the judge that the other inmate involved in the alleged assault “seemed frustrated” that a court hearing had been moved to a different date, and “he punched me in the face. I defended myself. I ran in my room.” Inmates are “getting antsy” over postponements, he added.

“Well, saying it and proving it are two different things, Mr. Randle,” Goering replied. “The state has the burden to prove these charges against you, and they may not be able to prove these charges against you. I don’t know.”

I’m not sure what went wrong for Randle or what’s wrong in his brain, but clearly something is amiss. Unless something changes drastically for him, I can’t see any other life for him other than one that involves being processed in and out of the system.

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