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No NFL Combine for Mixon (video)

Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon learned a somewhat rough lesson about why we don’t go punching women in restaurants. Bob Stoops suspended him for an entire year and then gave him a second chance.

Of course, he’s an excellent running back. If he was crappy he’d be tossed off the team and have an example made. But then, this year, this video surfaced and people got all upset all over again, as though they couldn’t have imagined what punching a girl in the face looks like.

(It was kind of like the Ray Rice video. What did you think happened in the elevator that led to him dragging her semiconscious body out into the hallway?)

And while it seems like people are starting to get past it, the NFL is not. Joe Mixon is not invited to this year’s NFL Combine since the NFL put in a rule banning college players who have been in trouble for domestic violence.

This will surely hurt his draft stock, but it only takes one team to pull the trigger. Maybe there will be outrage by that team’s fan base, but everyone still watches the games and buys the products advertised. Sooo…what does the outrage really accomplish.

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