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Garoppolo to the Texans?

Could the Houston Texans sink more resources into the quarterback position? They might have to after Brock Osweiler has proven that he’s not remotely worth the $72 million contract that he got last offseason.

Osweiler still is owed $16 million guaranteed next year, but he’s clearly not good enough, the Texans have $25.5 million in cap space and a roster that is ready to win now. Even without J.J. Watt that defense is filthy.

So, could the Texans possibly turn their attention towards acquiring New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo? Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle thinks so. He says that several teams will be interested in Garoppolo and the Texans will probably be one of them.

Garoppolo was asked about the trade talk and his ability to stay focused during the week before the Super Bowl.

“I’m really trying not to,” Garoppolo said. “Right now, it’s just focusing on the Super Bowl. Biggest game of the year right now and toughest game, too. We’re just trying to go out there and play our best game.”

It’s tough to imagine Garoppolo being in a Patriots uniform next year. 2017 is the final year of his rookie contract and Tom Brady isn’t slowing down. That not only means that the position won’t be open for a while, but it also means that they can win now. And you might as well get some pieces for Garoppolo that can help you win now.

Although if you trade him to the Texans and he’s good, you just created a huge stumbling block to winning another Super Bowl.

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