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Sixers interested in Rondo?

The Philadelphia 76ers still aren’t quite a good basketball team. However, their arrow is headed in the right direction. They’ve won eight of their last 11 and Joel Embiid is an emerging superstar.

They are pretty loaded up front, but their guards are horrific. They need a point guard in the worst way.

And the Chicago Bulls might be shopping one. A source tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the Bulls are dangling Rajon Rondo and Nikola Mirotic in trade.

“Obviously, you knew that would be the case with Rondo,” an unnamed source said. “But they don’t like what they’re hearing back on [Mirotic] either.”

The Bulls may have to simply cut Rondo, who hasn’t been good this year. Would the Sixers have interest? There are whispers of making the playoffs, but that’s come from fans, players and media.

The truth is management would be content to lose another year, get that Lakers pick, then hopefully regroup with a healthy Ben Simmons next year.

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