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This is why the Jaguars keep sucking

The Jacksonville Jaguars are pretty close to awful almost all the time. They’ve had a few good years here and there with Mark Brunell and David Garrard, but for the most part they are bad.

And when I hear things like this, I understand why. The Jags just got rid of awful Gus Bradley as head coach and ultimately hired Doug Marrone to replace him. I don’t think that’s a great hire since they guy oversaw a bad team in Buffalo for a couple of years before quitting. That’s his head coaching experience in the NFL. So, there’s that.

But, it gets worse. According to Adam Schefter, they actually considered Chip Kelly for the head coaching vacancy.

“Very quietly, Jaguars interviewed former 49ers HC Chip Kelly for their HC job before ultimately hiring Doug Marrone, per league sources,” Schefter tweets.

Are you serious? Well, the smart thing about that is the “very quietly” part. I mean, you can’t have the world knowing that you thought about hiring a head coach who has been a disaster the last two years for two different teams. This is why the Jags are awful all the time.

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