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Coughlin says Bortles is the guy

Jacksonville Jaguars fans were likely excited about 2016 last offseason and their up-and-coming quarterback Blake Bortles. In 2015, he looked like he was going to be the next Ben Roethlisberger and lift up to his No. 3-overall draft status.

Then, 2016 happened. Sure, if you look at his stats, he was fine. 3,905 yards and 23 touchdowns is pretty solid. 16 INTs and racking up those stats in garbage time is not. He just looked awful and there were talks about benching him at one point.

But, new executive vice president Tom Coughlin says that Bortles is the quarterback and they are sticking with him.

“Blake Bortles is our quarterback,” Coughlin said via John Oehser from

I’m not truly sure what their other options are. They spent a high pick on Bortles and he’s shown flashes of being a franchise quarterback. I think you have to at least give him this year to bounce back with some new coaching. It’s either that or turn to Chad Henne (bad idea) or draft another quarterback high (good luck with that).

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