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Ravens owner wants more from Flacco

Coming off of a torn ACL, you’d think that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco would be a little bit of slack. Heck, he even threw for a career high 4,317 yards on an absurd 672 attempts. If you do the math, that’s not a great average.

But, quarterbacks take time to get comfortable again after shredding their knee.

However, owner Steve Bisciotti doesn’t really care. I guess when he looks at the size of the checks he’s signing and the fact that they didn’t make the playoffs and well, he doesn’t really care about your knee.

“We need more out of Joe,” Bisciotti said. “I think Joe would agree with that.”

Maybe he would. But, the Ravens need to find someone that can run the ball functionally. Their defense is pretty damn good again and a running game would be nice. Easy to put it all on the quarterback.

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