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Hackenberg is garbage

New York Jets second-round pick Christian Hackenberg got quite the vote of confidence from owner Woody Johnson the other day when he referred to him as a “prospect.” The Jets have a ton of crappy quarterbacks and Hackenberg is so promising that they wouldn’t even play him in a meaningless season finale last week.

But, man, the word of out of the Jets organization is pretty bad. I’m not sure who decided to pull the trigger on him with a second rounder in last year’s NFL Draft, but that person probably shouldn’t be doing any bragging right about now.

A Jets source tells Manish Mehta that Hackenberg is simply toast.

“He will never make it,” the Jets source told the Daily News. “Never.”

Manish also asked a Jets player if he thought Hackenberg was worth a second-round pick. The player shook his head and said, “no.”

The fact that they didn’t play him at all this year – even in a meaningless season finale – says everything I need to know about what the Jets think about him. If general manager Mike Maccagnan is the one that made the pick, then he has to live with it. It shouldn’t call him his job, it’s not the end of the world that you tried to find a quarterback in the second round of the draft and it didn’t work out. But, let’s be clear that it’s been really clear that it’s not working out.

Usually, quarterbacks get some time. And as much as Jets fans want to hope that he’ll pan out, it just doesn’t look like he can play at all.

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