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Chip wants to stay in the NFL

The conventional wisdom regarding Chip Kelly is that after the second team fired him as head coach in two years that he’d simply return to the college ranks. He’d be paid big money by a major program and he can use whatever ridiculous offense he wants.

However, Jay Glazer is reporting that Chip really wants to remain in the NFL.

“Wanna clarify, Chip never told me Trent undercut him. I did, however, hear it from several others. Chip told me he wants to coach in NFL & would even take an OC job,” Glazer tweets.

Seriously? I’m not sure who would even bring him in other than Bill Belichick. And he wouldn’t be an offensive coordinator there because of Josh McDaniels. Then again, McDaniels could get a head coaching gig this offseason. But, as much as Belichick respects Kelly, would he allow him to run his offense? I can’t imagine that.

Besides, what offense does Chip even run anymore? Watch any San Francisco 49ers games this year? It doesn’t look like the “revolutionary” offense that was marching down the field on that first Monday night against the Washington Redskins. Far from it.

I’ll be curious as to whether Chip gets hired for equipment boy in the NFL at this point.

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