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Can Browns trade for Garoppolo?

The Cleveland Browns are a complete mess. They are 0-12 and I’m not sure where I can see them winning a game this season. Hue Jackson could join Rod Marinelli as the only coach to not win a single game in an entire season.

While rookie Cody Kessler has played decent or even well at times this season, he’s not the long-term answer most likely. So, the Browns need to find a quarterback. Because when you have a good quarterback, the odds that you’ll go 0-16 decrease a ton.

According to Mike Lombardi, he thinks the Browns are going to be aggressive in their pursuit of New England Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo.

“I think Cleveland understands, Hue Jackson specifically understands he needs a quarterback. I think they’ll be very aggressive,” Lombardi said. “I think Jimmy Garoppolo’s on top of their list, and I think they’ll go hard after him.”

Lombardi knows both organizations very well, so this isn’t just random nonsense. I absolutely believe the Browns will go after him and if they don’t, they are being irresponsible. So, there is always the chance that they are completely irresponsible.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think I get rid of Garoppolo if I’m the Patriots. It would have to be an insane deal. Granted, Cleveland has the picks to make it happen, but they would need to use a ton of them. Tom Brady isn’t getting younger, and one could argue that I’d be more likely to trade Brady than Garoppolo. I know, call me crazy.

If Garoppolo does get moved to Cleveland, be prepared for him to suck and get a staph infection. It’s what happens to everyone that plays for the Browns.

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