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Rockies sign Ian Desmond for some reason

The Colorado Rockies already seem to have plenty of outfielders as it is. That’s why today’s news is a little bit puzzling.

According to multiple sources, the Rockies have inked Ian Desmond to a huge contract.

“Sources: Ian Desmond to #Rockies,” tweets Ken Rosenthal.

These multiple reports say that it’s a five-year contract for $70 million, with a sixth-year option to push it to $83 million. The Rockies reportedly will use Desmond between the outfield and first base.

So, does this mean they’re going to trade Charlie Blackmon? It would certainly open the door. And because Desmond turned down a qualifying offer from the Texas Rangers, the Rockies have to give up the 11th-overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft. That’s not all that cool.

Desmond hit .285 last year with the Rangers to go with 22 bombs. I’d expect those numbers to go up in Colorado next year.

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