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Earl Thomas retiring?

During Sunday night’s blowout win over the Carolina Panthers, the Seattle Seahawks may have lost more than they won. Their all-world safety Earl Thomas broke his leg and will be missed for the remainder of the season.

Obviously, Thomas isn’t happy about it. His Seahawks have a very good chance of making a run and getting back to the Super Bowl. So, when he tweeted out that he was considering retirement, it could understandably be frustration.

And according to Josina Anderson, it was and he should be fine to come back next season.

” the Sun night #Sea game & post Earl Thomas’ retirement contemplation tweet, ppl close to t/ safety said “he’ll be ok, just needs time”,” Anderson tweets.

That doesn’t mean Seahawks fans and the organization were thrilled about even the notion that he could retire this early. Makes you wonder to what degree that’s on his mind and if retirement could still come sooner rather than later.

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