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Buccaneers getting healthy?

I’ve talked recently about how it seems like everyone worth a damn in the backfield of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is injured. It’s not a good situation, but is anyone getting healthy?

The short answer is no. And it’s not just the running backs at this point. Not only is Jameis Winston suffered a knee injury in Thursday night’s loss to the Falcons, but at least he’s practicing without a brace today. Mike Evans lit up the field Thursday night before he suffered a concussion and he’s now in the protocol.

And the running backs? Not much good news. Jacquizz Rodgers still isn’t practicing and if you spent a first-round pick on Doug Martin in your fantasy draft, well, he tricked you again. The guy just doesn’t stay healthy and word is that he’s not practicing again today.

That means that all they have left is Peyton Barber, Mike James and Russell Hansbrough. Raise your hand if you heard of any of these guys just a month ago.

The Bucs are an okay team that is dealing with a ton of injuries. Not a recipe for a Super Bowl trip.

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