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Phillies trade for Neshek

It was extremely odd, but for most of the season the Philadelphia Phillies had an excellent bullpen. This is from a team that had five potential closers as of Opening Day last year. Yeah, five…because none of them were any good.

Then we find out through most of the season that the Phillies actually had the MLB saves leader on the roster in Jeanmar Gomez. It was such a shocker until he reverted to form late in the year and blew save after save. Truth be told, he was probably just worn out.

So, I’m not sure what their plan is for the bullpen this year or who their closer will be, but I think they found their setup man.

The Phillies love that Ed Wade pipeline down in Houston with the Astros because they made another trade with them. The Phillies sent the ‘Stros a player to be named later in exchange for reliever Pat Neshek. They picked up his $6.5 million option for 2017.

Neshek has a 3.36 ERA and 94 strikeouts over 101 2/3 innings in his last two seasons. Not sure why that isn’t worth $6.5 million to the Astros, but they reportedly didn’t have any interest in picking it up.

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