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Keenum remains Rams starter

I’m not exactly sure what you need to do to get benched by the Los Angeles Rams, but apparently trying to convince all of England to never watch the NFL isn’t enough. Case Keenum was brutal in Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants, throwing four interceptions.

But, Jeff Fisher says that he’s “staying with Case,” before making excuse for a guy that just isn’t good enough to get it done.

“He had a couple of tips and things like that today, not necessarily his fault,” Fisher said, “and then Brian [Quick] didn’t get the audible adjustment at the end.”

No, Keenum hasn’t had much help. But, with losses piling up, when do you make a change? Should I mention that you have the first-overall pick sitting on the bench while other rookie quarterbacks are playing well around the league? Isn’t he the best one?

I think this says way more about Jared Goff’s readiness than it does about Keenum.

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