Off the Record (OTR)

Can you trust Will Fuller?

Every year I get made fun of at my fantasy league for my upside picks later in the selection process. I like young guys who could breakout. What can I say? I love upside. This year I’m looking smart for grabbing Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller. But, he’s got a hamstring issue now and it’s something to monitor every week if you’re looking at NFL betting odds for the Texans.

Yes, he’s been that impactful.

Here’s the problem: He’s an absolute burner. The last thing you want with a speedster is a hamstring injury. They linger. It can be 99% healed and it only takes that one time where you try to take off and it goes back to being destroyed again.

The Will Fuller situation is absolutely one to monitor for your fantasy football league and if you’re a fan of the Texans.

They are saying that he’ll be fully ready to go versus the Denver Broncos on Monday night, but I think I’ll believe it when I see it. Check that injury report closely.

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