Off the Record (OTR)

Scherzer wins 20!

Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer has balled out this year. Then again, that’s why the Nationals gave him a butt ton of money a couple years ago.

But, the fact remains that it is not easy for any starter to win 20 games anymore regardless of how you pitch. It happens, but not like it used to before specialized bullpens and the like.

But, Scherzer pulled it off. He earned his 20th win on Sunday despite allowing five runs in five innings during a 10-7 win over the Miami Marlins. He also gave up nine hits and two home runs, which is abnormal for him.

Scherzer finishes the season with a stellar 20-7 record and 2.96 ERA. I’m sure he looks forward to an early exit from the MLB playoffs.

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