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Phillies should move Velasquez

The Texas Rangers have been linked to just about every single pitcher in MLB, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, they’ve been keeping an eye on young Philadelphia Phillies right hander Vincent Velasquez.

“#Rangers interested in Vincent Velasquez, as I just reported on @MLBNetwork. Price is obviously high. #Phillies,” Morosi tweets.

Of course the price is high. Velasquez is 24-years old, under contractual control for the next five years and has a 3.34 ERA. He’s been phenomenal this year, but the Phillies should trade him now.

Why? They can get a haul for him most likely. But, here’s the issue: He has major health concerns. He already had Tommy John surgery and there were plenty of whispers when the Phillies acquired him that the Houston Astros were kind of happy to unload him. I’d rather take the haul now rather than wait and find out he has more arm trouble down the road.

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