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Maybe Elliott did nothing wrong

I mentioned earlier that a woman named Tiffany Thompson posted photos to Instagram that showed physical marks and she wrote a caption about domestic violence and getting abused. She was referring to Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

She made a police report, but no arrests were made. I thought that was a bit odd because…why not? If he hit her and she has the bruises to prove it, then why isn’t he arrested?

Because, it sounds like four witnesses said there was no assault. In addition, a source tells Clarence Hill that the incident stemmed from a breakup.

BreerElliottPoliceReport“Per a source, Elliott broke off the relationship and alleged victim said she would ruin him if he did. Thus the accusations,” Hill tweets.

Man, this is some sort of messed up if she’s making this up to “ruin him.” And if she is making this up, she needs to be charged with a crime. If there is tangible proof that she made this up to destroy his public image, she needs to receive some sort of punishment. It might not even be against the law, but then let’s make a new law. Domestic violence is an extremely serious issue and not something you cry wolf about.

I don’t know for sure that she’s crying wolf, but right now the available facts are leaning towards Elliott getting railroaded.

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