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Ezekiel…are you beating your girlfriend?

The Dallas Cowboys could have a big problem on their hands. Not only do they sign players who beat the hell out of their girlfriends, but they may draft them too.

Ezekiel Elliott was the Cowboys No. 4-overall draft pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. But, the running back is already off to a rocky start. Tiffany Thompson is a woman alleging to be Elliott’s live-in girlfriend and she’s posting pictures of injuries that she says are the result of Elliott assaulting her.

She filed a report with the Columbus PD, but Elliott was not arrested due to conflicting eye witness accounts. She says she was assaulted while in a parked car, but one witness who was in the car said they did not see a physical altercation take place.

As you can imagine, Elliott denies the allegations. TMZ reached someone in his agent’s office who said, “I can assure you [the allegations] are not true.”

Thompson went on to Instagram to post the pictures along with a caption talking about how she’s been getting beaten up for months, and that Elliott (who she doesn’t name specifically, but I can’t imagine who else it would be) told her that it was “tough love.” She said she’s been choked and thrown into walls.

Man…if this is true.

UPDATE: There is a good chance that this isn’t true.

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