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Bucs rookie shot and detained

Dominique Robertson already had a long haul to make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster as a guard (or any position really. Let’s be honest). Sure, he’s the nephew of offensive line coach George Warhop, but that just gets you in the door. You still have to make the roster as a rookie undrafted free agent.

As such, it would probably be best to keep your nose as clean as possible.

And maybe Robertson has, but news that he was shot in California and then detained by police just doesn’t sound good. Could he have done nothing wrong? Entirely possible. But, if I’m Dirk Koetter this news doesn’t cast you in a positive light.

Robertson’s lawyer Zulu Ali shockingly says that he was detained illegally without an attorney present.

“We just basically know that he was obviously a victim of a shooting and they came and they took him directly out of the hospital,” Ali said.

I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I’ll bet the road to the 53-man roster just got tougher.

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