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McClain is at it again

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain revived his career after finally leaving the Oakland Raiders. He was a high pick in 2010 that was a colossal bust for the Raiders. I’m guessing his rookie money ran out and he realized he needed to start trying because he’s been pretty damn good when on the field for the Cowboys the last two seasons.

That said, he still has hit issues. For one reason or another, he tends to find himself in trouble with the law, the NFL or both.

This time, he’s violated the substance abuse policy and the NFL, according to Adam Schefter, has told him that they don’t like it.

“Cowboys’ LB Rolando McClain will be suspended the first 10 games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, per @toddarcher and me,” Schefter tweets.

It’s another eye-roll, face-in-the-hands moment for Cowboys brass regarding McClain. 10 games is a ton. But, will they release him? Can they afford to? Do they have the depth at linebacker to cut the cord?

I’m not sure they do and they might have to just grin and bear it.

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